Chicago Pneumatic expands company’s concrete line with new CombiForm, power trowels

Updated Feb 10, 2015
STG 365 power trowelSTG 365 power trowel

At World of Concrete, Chicago Pneumatic showcased new equipment added to the company’s concrete line, first launched at ConExpo last year. Product manager Jan Marcus said that show attendees found CP’s new CombiForms to be the most exciting. “They’re very popular; they’re catching like fire,” he said.


The CombiForm, which is designed for larger pours, is a screed rail system cast into the concrete for an effective leveling solution. The lightweight, leave-in-place system saves time and labor with easy setup. Available in heights of 1 to nearly 6 inches, Marcus said the system is attractive for contractors needed to boost productivity. “There’s not a lot of labor involved, and it reduces time for the pour.”

To use, the contractor connects sections of the CombiForm to create a span, and levels with adjusting screws. Once the rails are in place the operator can pull the screed on top of them to achieve a flat and level surface. The plastic strip creates and expansion join that can eliminate the need to use a floor saw, saving the expense of saw blades.

Also on display were the new power trowels CP has added to the concrete lineup – the STG 245, STG 365 and STG 465. The STG 245, primarily designed as an edger, reaches to within 7 inches of corners, reducing the amount of manual labor. The larger units, the STG 365 and STG 465, are designed to finish the entire surface. Available in 24-, 36- and 48-inch models, the larger trowels include a new drive system and a dead-man handle that stops the handle from spinning when the operator lets go. Universal blades can be bolted on or clipped.