Komatsu rolls out 6 new hydraulic excavators, 2 dozers and an articulated dump truck at ConExpo

Updated Mar 7, 2014

Komatsu booth ConExpo 2014

Komatsu introduced six new hydraulic excavators, two crawler dozers and a Tier 4 Final articulated dump truck at a March 4 press conference at ConExpo 2014 in Las Vegas.

The company’s theme for the trade show this year is “Innovative, Intelligent, Integrated,” which Komatsu says defines its equipment as it forges ahead with intelligent machine control. In addition to the new equipment, Komatsu showed off some of the previously announced Intelligent Machine Control dozers. Komatsu says it is the first in the construction marketplace to have a dozer that uses this technology to allow it to go from rough dozing to grading.

“When rough dozing, it adjusts the blade as it progresses to a finished grade, which results in a 13-percent higher efficiency than regular controls,” Rich Smith, vice president of product marketing for Komatsu, told editors during the press conference. “This ultimately improves the bottom line.”

Komatsu is also touting its Komatsu Care program, and Smith says nearly 80 percent of its customers continue with the program after the initial complimentary scheduled maintenance program has expired. All Komatsu Tier 4 machines come with Komatsu Care, which provides complimentary scheduled maintenance for the first three years or 2,000 hours, whichever occurs first. It also includes a 50-point inspection at each service.

There was a lot of equipment to see. We’ll start with a look at the new hydraulic excavators Komatsu has rolled out, then the dozers and finally a new Tier 4 Final articulated dump truck.

PC228USLC-10 hydraulic excavator


This tight-tail excavator has an EPA Tier 4 Interim certified engine that is said to provide 6.7-percent increase in horsepower. The machine has an operating weight between 54,123 pounds and 55,336 pounds and is powered by a 158 net horsepower Komatsu SAA6D107E-2 engine.

The compact, rounded under cab design allows the cab to rotate within the same swing radius as the counterweight and work in confined areas for road, bridge, and urban applications. An additional 2,865 pounds of counterweight increases lift capacity over the front and side of the machine.

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A hydraulically actuated Komatsu Variable Geometry Turbocharger (KVGT) and Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve provide better precision and air management as well as longer component life. The Komatsu Diesel Particulate Filter (KDPF) design provides a high-percentage of passive regeneration using normal engine exhaust temperatures to clean out the filter and does not interfere with daily operation.

PC88MR-10 Hydraulic Excavator

20131016PC88MR 008

With a net 65.5 horsepower, this excavator is powered by a four-valve per cylinder Komatsu SAA4D95LE-6 engine and is EPA Tier 4 Final emission certified.

With an operating weight between 18,739 lbs. (8500 kg) and 19,290 lbs. (8750 kg), the tight-tail excavator features improved efficiency, lower fuel consumption, improved operator comfort and enhanced serviceability. It also bridges the gap between compact and construction sized excavators for contractors working in a wide variety of construction, utility and landscaping applications, according to Komatsu.

The machine is also equipped with Komtrax remote monitoring technology with data access via the web or via Komtrax Mobile on a smartphone to provide data such as fuel levels, operating hours, location, cautions and maintenance alerts, as well as a new Operator Identification System, which reports key operating information for multiple operators. A new Auto Idle Shutdown function also helps improve operating costs by reducing unnecessary idle time.

PC55MR compact hydraulic excavator


The PC55MR has an operating rate between 11,330 pounds and 12,750 pounds and is powered by a 38.0-net-horsepower SAA4D88E-7 engine that is EPA Tier 4 Final emission certified. A new auto decelerator and economy mode  also help reduce operating costs.

The engine uses Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) and a high-pressure common rail fuel injection system to reduce NOx. For after treatment, a diesel particulate filter (DPF) is used.

The excavator features a maximum digging depth of 12 feet, 6 inches and a maximum reach of 19 feet, 11 inches. The excavator is equipped with a “swing boom” with single large diameter swing pin for long life and durability of the boom swing mechanism and enables the machine to work in confined spaces.

The standard auxiliary hydraulic system flow of 18.5 GPM (70 ltr/min) can be easily changed from single direction flow to bi-directional flow for superior hydraulic attachment productivity.

Bucket thumb mounting bracket, auxiliary piping for attachments and a 6-foot, 6-inch (1,960 mm) blade is standard. An optional power angle blade allows the operator to angle the blade 25 degrees to the right or left, useful when backfilling trenches. A tilt-up operator compartment also provides easy access to hydraulic and engine components.

The PC55MR offers the choice of rubber tracks or the Komatsu Road-Liner track system.

PC490LC-11 Hydraulic Excavator

A 40374

With a net 359 horsepower, the PC490LC-11 is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D125E-7 engine, which is EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified, and features an operating rate between 105,670 pounds and 110,220 pounds.

The excavator has a heavy-duty undercarriage and counterweight to maintain the same high lift capacity and lateral stability as the prior series. The operator can easily select Lift Mode, which raises hydraulic pressure to increase lifting force up to 7 percent. The machine is also equipped with the Komatsu Equipment Management Monitoring System (EMMS).

PC240LC-11 hydraulic excavator

A 40949

With a net 177 horsepower, this hydraulic excavator is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D107E-3B engine and is EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified.

It has an operating weight range between 54,490 pounds and 55,129 pounds. The machine is also equipped with the Komatsu Equipment Management Monitoring System (EMMS). The PC240LC-11 provides easier service access. The new model has guardrails on both sides of the upper structure for easier accessibility. The radiator and hydraulic oil cooler are mounted side by side, making it easier to maintain and service these two components when required.

Third-Generation Hybrid HB215LC-2 hydraulic excavator

20131214HB215LC 017

This hybrid excavator is equipped with KOMTRAX remote monitoring technology. Its new Auto Idle Shutdown function helps reduce idle time as well as operating costs. The excavator does not have a scheduled replacement interval for its Komatsu Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (KDOC). The KDOC integrated design allows the system to remove soot using 100-percent “true passive regeneration” without a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) needed.

The HB215LC-2 is powered by the Komatsu Hybrid System, which includes Komatsu’s electric swing motor, power generator motor, ultra-capacitor and 139-horsepower SAA4D107E-2-A diesel engine. The hybrid system works on the principle of swing energy regeneration and energy storage using the Komatsu Ultra Capacitor system, which provides fast energy storage and instantaneous power transmission.

The kinetic energy generated during the swing-braking phase is converted to electricity, which is sent  through an inverter and then captured by the Komatsu Ultra Capacitor. When accelerating under workload conditions that captured energy is discharged very quickly for upper structure rotation and  to assist the engine as commanded by the hybrid controller. The reserve power stored by the hybrid technology equates to about 60 additional horsepower.

According to Komatsu, the HB215LC-2 saves an average of 20 percent of fuel with an equivalent reduction in CO2 emissions as compared to the standard excavator model.

D65-18 Crawler Dozer

D65-18 a

Part of the new line of D65EX/PX/WX-18 crawler dozers, this machine is powered by a 217-net-horsepower Komatsu SAA6D114E-6 engine and is EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified. A standard (EX), low ground pressure (PX) and a wide (WX) track model are available to provide flotation and weight distribution options to best match the application for which it is needed. Operating weight ranges from 45,525 pounds to 49,690 pounds, depending on the version.

This dozer combines the Sigmadozer blade with an automatic transmission with torque converter lock-up. A Komatsu six-way Power Angle Tilt (PAT) blade is also available for all models. The D65EX and WX are equipped with Sigmadozer, providing the machine with a large blade capacity of 7.34 cubic yards and 7.72 cubic yards, respectively.

Based on a new excavation theory, Sigmadozer, according to Komatsu, improves dozing performance and increases productivity by up to 15 percent over conventional semi-u blades. The blade increases soil-holding capacity while simultaneously reducing sideway spillage because it digs and rolls material up at the center of the blade. It also reduces digging resistance producing a smoother flow of material enabling the dozing of larger amounts of soil with less power.

A PAT blade is also available for each model. Two gearshift modes – automatic or manual – are available. E and P modes help match machine performance to the application. E Mode is chosen for all general dozing, leveling and spreading applications providing adequate speed and power while saving up to 10 percent fuel usage. P Mode is chosen for heavier applications where engine power has priority over fuel consumption.

D155AX-8 crawler dozer

D155AX-8 a

With an operating weight of 89,300 pounds and a net 354 horsepower, the D155AX-8 is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D140E-7 engine, which is EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified. It is equipped with Komtrax remote monitoring technology and a Sigmadozer blade, which gives the machine a high blade capacity of 12.3 cubic yards. According to Komatsu, the blade increases productivity up to 15 percent over a conventional semi-u blade. The blade features a frontal design concept adopted for digging and rolling material at the center of the blade. The new blade increases soil-holding capacity. Digging resistance is reduced for a smoother flow of material so larger amounts of soil can be dozed with  less power.

Other features include ergonomic joystick controls, an electronic control powertrain and a high-resolution large color 7-inch LCD monitor in the cab that displays all machine information. A rear view monitoring system is standard and can be set to synchronize with reverse operation.

HM300 Tier 4 Final articulated dump truck


The HM300 articulated dump truck has 325 net horsepower and is powered by a Komatsu SAA6D125E-7 engine, which is EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified.

The dump truck has a 30.9-ton (28-metric ton) payload and a gross vehicle weight (GVW) of 117,881 pounds. It is equipped with the Komtrax remote monitoring technology with data

and K-ATOMiCS — Komatsu Advanced Transmission with Optimum Modulation Control System.

The system offers a six-speed, fully-automatic transmission that uses an advanced electronic system to eliminate shift shock and torque cutoff. It automatically selects the ideal gear based on vehicle speed, engine rpm and the shift position chosen. This results in powerful acceleration, smooth down shifting and synchronized engine speed when climbing slopes.

To visit Komatsu at ConExpo-Con/Agg, go to the North Hall booth 10016, where there is an “Intelligent Machine Control Dozer Corner.”