Making mud flow better, Putzmeister America debuts two new concrete pumps

Updated Jan 28, 2014
Putzmeister 32Z Meter TruckPutzmeister 32Z Meter Truck

A number of design enhancements and improvements went into the two new concrete boom pumps shown by Putzmeister at the World of Concrete this week.

The 32Z-Meter truck mounted concrete boom pump weighs 3,250 pounds less than the previous 32 meter version. This allows for increased payload for auxiliary equipment, fuel and water. The new design rolls on a three axle chassis to meet federal bridge requirements.

Putzmeister also reorganized the deck allowing for about 30 percent more space. The rack and pinion bearing in the pedestal has been replaced by a rotation bearing for easier access to the turret pipe. A simplified pipe design with two different types of elbows, as opposed to three, provides easier concrete flow, minimizing boom bounce and improving safety.

A new RS 909 hopper has a robust, lightweight design with an RFID safety switch to prevent it from operating with the grate open.

The 38Z truck-mounted concrete boom pump has gone from a four section boom arm to a five section boom arm and pedestal for increased maneuverability, reduced boom unfolding height and reduced overall weight.

The bigger model also went on a diet, slimming down 2,100 pounds for all the above mentioned benefits. A more robust pedestal supports the five section boom with bolted connections to allow for greater flexibility. Putzmeister likewise simplified the elbow configurations, going from seven types of elbows to three. The 38Z also benefits from the rotation bearing replacing the rack and pinion design.

Putzmesiter 38ZPutzmesiter 38Z