Minnich adds remote control to concrete doweling machine

Updated Jan 30, 2014
Minnich remote controlled concrete dowel drilling machineMinnich remote controlled concrete dowel drilling machine

By allowing the operator to stand at a distance from the work, the Minnich wireless remote control improves safety and performance when drilling concrete dowel holes. The operator can get away from the dust being generated and position himself for a better view of the work and out of the way of obstacles and hazards.

The remote control and the receiver on the machine are programmed with unique radio IDs, allowing several of the Minnich self-propelled doweling machines to operate in close proximity without interference.

And if you are working in areas where radio broadcasts are limited or forbidden, such as airports or military installations, the operator can tether a cable to the remote and run the machine by wire.

The remote control feature is available on three models, the A-3SCW three drill unit, the A-4SCW four drill unit and the A-5SCW five drill unit.