The mysterious wandering excavator of Hyde Park

Updated Dec 23, 2013
Credit: DNAinfo/Sam CholkeCredit: DNAinfo/Sam Cholke

Recently, residents of Chicago’s Hyde Park neighborhood, and especially pedestrians, were very surprised to hear the sounds of an excavator as it made its way up the boulevard.

According to DNAinfo Chicago, the excavator’s metal treads were making an “ear-piercing” screech as it moved along South Hyde Park Boulevard around 7:20 p.m. on a Friday night.

And it didn’t seem to bother the operator who was calmly smoking a cigarette from the cab.

After a 20-minute trip up the street, causing a backup of buses behind the machine, the excavator was pulled over to the sidewalk by police. The machine crushed a signpost in the process.

When the officers asked the operator what he was doing driving up a residential street, he simply said “Wrong place,” noting there was confusion as to where he was supposed to take the machine.

The excavator was adorned with an the American Demolition company’s logo, but no demolition in the area was taking place. The only other construction going on that could explain the digger’s presence was a nearby playground.

In fact, police declined to comment further and it was never made clear just where the excavator was supposed to be going.