Talbert’s new Oil Field Series trailers designed for skid-mounted equipment, pipe section transport

Updated Aug 29, 2013

Talbert Oil Field Series trailerTalbert Manufacturing’s Oil Field Trailer Series is designed to make easier the job of transporting skid-mounted equipment such as generators, housing units, compressors, oil rigging equipment and pipe sections.

The series consists of three models: a 3-axle, 35-ton step deck; a 4-axle, 60-ton fixed gooseneck; and a 5-axle, 65-ton fixed gooseneck. The Oil Field Series has more welds in the cross members to enable the trailers to handle twisting and turning when traveling off-road from site to site.

The trailer series is outfitted with a winch and tail rollers to make pulling equipment onto the deck easier, and optional pop-up rollers are available. Weevil pins serve as vertical rollers to guide the equipment onto the trailer, and pipe pockets on the 60- and 65-ton models enable vertical insertion of large stakes for stacking and hauling pipe sections with no shifting.

The 60- and 65-ton trailers also feature a high arch profile to provide additional space between the tractor and the bottom of the gooseneck, eliminating bumping in off-road applications.

The Oil Field Series is available in lengths from 53 to 56 feet. The 65-ton trailer is rated for 120,000 pounds in 16 feet or 130,000 pounds evenly distributed through the lower deck. The 60-ton is rated for 110,000 pounds in 16 feet or 120,000 pounds distributed through lower deck.

The 35-ton is rated for 70,000 pounds in 10 feet or 100,000 pounds evenly distributed. Deck height is dependent on tire size with two options: 34-inch deck height (17.5-inch tires) or 40-inch deck height (22.5-inch tires).