The fiery perils of E-15

But it’s good for the environment!But it’s good for the environment!

The EPA is slowly sneaking E-15, that is gasoline mixed with with 15 percent ethanol, into our lives-this despite the fact that it can ruin small engines and start fires. I love this sentence from the New York Times article:

None of these (fuel blends), however, are intended for use in lawnmowers, leaf blowers or other gasoline-powered nonroad equipment, especially equipment that positions an engine close to the user, where a fire could be catastrophic.

Like, say, motorcycles? Nothing like a fire between your legs at 60 mph to put a little spice in your life. 

At issue is the possibility that when one pulls up to the pump, there might be enough E-15 left in the hose to raise the content of a small tank of gas to the equivalent of E-11 or so. Ethanol forces small engines to work harder at higher rpm and and thus overheat. Stock motorcycle tanks are typically five gallons, but there are millions of people every weekend filling up one and two gallon containers for their lawn mowers and chain saws. 

So if I get this right, the EPA is ignoring the science that says ethanol is worse for the environment while doing dirty political work for midwestern politicians who are getting paid off by the big corn growers and distillers, while food prices skyrocket, the third world starves knowing full well that it will eventually cause my Harley and my Husqvarna to blow up on me. 

And they wonder why people distrust government.