Looking to buy a construction model? Check the review first.

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Popular on YouTube: Web’s review of the Volvo Sfinx Concept Excavator.Popular on YouTube: Web’s review of the Volvo Sfinx Concept Excavator.

Contractors love construction models — we’ve seen many proud displays when we visit their offices.  While they receive a number of these models as gifts from appreciative equipment dealers, those gifts may only be the start of life long collections.

If you’ve gotten the model collecting bug, here’s the website for you. Cranes Etc. was created by model enthusiast Ian Webb, an English civil engineer. There, he reviews scale models of construction and related equipment to help collectors decide what models to buy.  Most models are in 1:50 scale, but some are in 1:87 or other sizes. After examining a model’s packaging, detail, features or quality, he’ll give it one of three recommendations: “recommended”, “highly recommended” and “outstanding.”

As quoted in the current issue of Volvo Construction Equipment’s Spirit Magazine, Webb says the website “allows poeple to see an independent review of a model, whether it’s good or bad, and make their decision whether they want to buy it or not.”  Webb says he reviews two to three models a week. Volvo reports his review of their futuristic Sfinx Concept Excavator has received 125,000 views on YouTube.