Doosan upgrades DL300 and DL350 wheel loaders with improved lift capabilities, Tier 4 engine

Doosan DL350Doosan DL350


Doosan announced today updates to its DL300 and DL350 wheel loaders designed to provide operators with improved lift capabilities, increased fuel efficiency and enhanced cab comfort over previous iterations. Doosan says the pair of interim Tier 4-compliant machines have been engineered to deliver higher horsepower to tackle a wide variety of material handling applications such as quarries, mines, road work and site development.

Both the DL300 and DL350 offer operators the ability to set upper and lower limits for both the lift arm and bucket stop positions from inside the cab. Doosan says this improves cycle times in digging and loading applications, while providing better control of the lift arm and bucket positions. Rounding out the improvements to lift capabilities, the DL300 now moves material overhead with a dump height of 9 feet 4 inches, while the DL350 has a dump height of 10 feet.

The 4.2-cubic-yard DL300 has been upgraded with a 271-horsepower, 5-cylinder, Tier 4-compliant diesel engine — a 25 percent increase in power from the 217 horsepower in its previous design. It is engineered with a breakout force of 37,993 pounds and a full-turn tipping capacity of 28,572 pounds. The 4.8-cubic-yard DL350 features the same 271-horsepower engine, up 17 percent from the 232 horsepower in its previous design. It provides operators with a breakout force of 37,768 pounds and a full-turn tipping capacity of 31,118 pounds.

Doosan says this engine boosts fuel efficiency up to 16 percent.


Doosan DL300Doosan DL300


In terms of improved operator comfort, both the DL300 and DL350 are now equipped with optional electric steering to decrease operator fatigue during repetitive cycle operations on the jobsite. A joystick has been added to the left armrest that allows the operator to control the directional movement without having to use the steering wheel, and a new door makes getting in and out of Doosan wheel loaders  much easier.

Doosan offers some optional features to improve driving performance even further. As an alternative to the standard limited slip differential, the DL300 and DL350 offer an optional hydraulic locking front differential. Based on ground conditions, the operator can choose to lock the differential manually with a floor-mounted foot switch, or allow the machine to automatically engage the system. This provides increased driving power when one wheel spins or loses traction and improves machine performance when navigating tough terrain.

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Another optional performance advancement for the DL300 and DL350 is a torque converter lockup clutch. This enables the machine to climb grades easier and faster, increasing productivity as much as 20 percent in certain stockpiling applications.