Product Focus

Tracks and Tires

By Amy Materson



Minimize vibration and ensure a softer ride with Bobcat’s Multi-Bar Lug replacement track for compact track loaders.

• Cut and crack resistant compounds extend the life of the tracks

• Hard rubber outside layer offers cut resistance and traction; softer inner layer maintains flexibility

• Tracks are formulated to carry machine’s maximum load at full capacity.


strength-and-stabilitySTRENGTH AND STABILITY

Benefit from improved stability with the V-Steel J-Traction radial off-road tire from Bridgestone Americas Off Road Tire.

• Computer optimized center block lowers vibration levels

• Reduced friction between the center blocks and ground improves wear resistance

• Sidewall design enhances cut resistance under heavy loads.




Handle extra heavy loads with Bridgestone’s L315 on/off highway wide base radial, which can handle up to 24,600 pounds per axle.

• Lug tread and open shoulders promote traction

• Tread compound reduces cuts and chips

• Performs at 65-mph sustained speeds.




Experience a smoother ride over uneven terrain with Grouser Products’ FX Series over-the-tire hard tracks.

• Self-cleaning system features a run-loose design and a 50-percent decrease in ground pressure

• Extra weight of the track lowers the center of gravity, improving handling

• Has a long pad life and is economical to rebuild.



longer-lifeLONGER LIFE

Improve traction with Michelin’s XHA2 loader tire, which features a tread design that expels material caught between tread blocks.

• Reduces rolling resistance for improved fuel consumption

• Large contact patch reduces vibrations caused by heavy loads and frequent changes of direction

• Tire lasts up to 9 percent longer than its predecessor, the XHA tire.



fight-frictionFIGHT FRICTION

Eliminate track wheel bond failures with Xtreme Wheels from Superior Tire and Rubber.

• Compound and adhesion process outlasts OEM rubber compound

• Lower friction between wheels and track prevents weakening and chunking on the edges

• Triples the work life of track wheels.