New company specializes in one-contractor auctions

Next time you are in the market for an excavator or paver, consider a one-owner auction.

“It’s like the difference between buying a used car off a car lot or from a family friend,” said Greg Forke, co-director of the Construction Equipment Group. “With heavy construction equipment, it’s just on a bigger scale. Buyers have more confidence in what they’re buying if they know who owned the equipment.”

The Construction Equipment Group, a new division of Michael Fox International, specializes in one-owner, on-site auctions. Their auctions feature heavy construction, transportation, mining and agricultural equipment. All of the auctions are done on the seller’s property, which can assist a contractor in appraising and liquidating his equipment. Auctions are conducted in a walk-by or ramp style, and bids are usually placed in person. In some auctions, however, bids can be placed online.

The auctions are generally publicized through direct color brochures sent to contractors, through ads in trade publications and on the company’s website. To find out when and where the next auction is, or how you can auction off your equipment, call 402-434-1925 or click the link to the right.