The Bearded Editors of Construction


For those of you who were at ConExpo-Con/Agg last week, you know how busy this show has been. I’m sure many of you have seeing the editors running – literally – from one press event to another trying to cram in booth visits in between writing up show coverage.

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But after a day of walking about 10 miles (Yes, we tracked it!) during the show and “getting up at the ‘butt crack’ of dawn” (as one manufacturer rep who held a 7 a.m. press conference referred to it), several construction industry editors let loose to go see the bearded wonders of ZZ Top.

Here are some embarrassing images to show that editors have fun, too! (Although, we did find ourselves pointing out all the grammatical mistakes on signs on our way the show.) Do you like how we tried to copy ZZ Top’s signature style with a long beard and sunglasses?

If you have any fun images from the show (keep them clean, please) that you want to share, send them to me at [email protected] and let me know where they were taken.