XL Specialized Trailers showcasing new trailers at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2011

Heavy haul and specialized trailer manufacturer XL Specialized Trailers is planning to exhibit four new trailers — XL 170 MG, XL 110 HDG, XL 110 HDG Customized and the XL 100 HFG — at CONEXPO-CON/AGG March 22-26 in Las Vegas. XL Specialized Trailers will be exhibiting in Booth G-162.

XL Specialized Trailers says its new 13-axle trailer is one of the lightest weight configurations, including the Jeep and Booster, on the market. At 57,440 pounds, the new XL MG 170 West Coast trailer hauls loads up to 170,000 lbs distributed, including 2.5MW wind turbines, heavy construction equipment such as large dozers, excavators and wheel loaders, as well as off-road trucks for mining applications. The new XL 170 MG can also be configured with some spec changes to weigh 55,000 pounds to accommodate weight-specific loads.

The new XL 110 HDG customized trailer is ideal for hauling oversized loads.  Thanks to its low-profile, scraper-style upper deck and a 36-inch flip neck design, this 54-foot trailer accommodates multiple truck sizes and handle loads up to 110,000 pounds distributed. The main deck is equipped with steel pullouts on 18-inch centers capable of handling up to 60,000 pounds, to accommodate hauling large agricultural and construction equipment, including combines and heavy track machines.

The new 55-ton, 53-foot hydraulic gooseneck XL 110 HDG trailer is built for hauling heavy construction equipment, including scrapers. With a low-profile upper deck and a flip neck design, the new XL 110 HDG trailer can accommodate multiple truck sizes and handle loads up to 110,000 pounds distributed.

The XL 100 HFG trailer is XL Specialized Trailer’s newest offering for the pipeline industry. With a load rating of 100,000 pounds distributed, the 50-foot, 10-inch XL 100 HFG carries heavy construction equipment and pipeline materials wherever they need to go. Built with Z channel crossmembers on 9-inch centers and top flange reinforcement, this trailer is engineered to handle the demanding off-road applications that pipeline contractors must tackle every day.

For more information about the XL Specialized Trailers, go to www.xlspecializedtrailer.com.