Thompson to show OVT priming system at ConExpo-Con/Agg

Thompson Pump OVTThompson Pump OVT

Thompson Pump will showcase its priming system with OVT (oil-less vacuum technology) configured with the new John Deere IT4 (interim tier 4) engine at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2011.

The technology will be exhibited at Booth C-4945.

The OVT Priming System offers multiple improvements to the traditional vacuum priming system. While both allow for a basic pump to prime automatically, the OVT does this more efficiently with lower maintenance and higher air handling for faster priming.

In addition, the OVT system’s non-contacting rotors eliminate internal wear which increases longevity and provides the reliability of no decrease in performance throughout time.

The OVT system offers lower maintenance and operating expenses because the system is dry running – no recirculating oil is needed.

Eliminating the oil, in turn, eliminates any possible smoke, mist, or pollution that traditional priming systems may experience – offering a much improved eco-friendly alternative to prior technology. Traditional vacuum priming systems require service every 5,000 hours. The OVT priming unit only requires service every 20,000 hours – which is four times less.

Not only does the Thompson OVT system have high vacuum capability with deeper suction lifts of 28.4 inches Hg, but it also maintains high vacuum at lower speeds. This air cooled priming system has no water levels to check and no cooling system to maintain unlike traditional vacuum priming systems. These capabilities allow the OVT priming system to perform in a variety of applications from sewer bypassing to wellpoint dewatering.

Most interestingly, the Thompson OVT priming system is tolerant to accidental liquid carryover. Prior vacuum priming systems would be destroyed if liquid carried over.

About the Thompson OVT priming system:

  • Dry Running – no sealing or lubricating oil is needed in the vacuum compression chamber.
  • Ultra-Low Maintenance – unit only requires servicing at 20,000-hour intervals
  • Extremely High Air Handling – 97cfm.
  • High Vacuum Capability – deeper suction lifts – 28.4 inches Hg.
  • Efficiency – low horsepower for high cfm.
  • Longevity – low life-cycle cost – non contacting rotors eliminate internal wear.
  • Air Cooling – no water levels to check and no oil system to maintain.
  • Rugged – tolerable to solids, liquids, and dust.
  • Reliability – no decrease in performance over time.
  • Performance – maintains vacuum at lower speeds.
  • Versatility – can be used on a variety of applications from sewer bypassing to and wellpoint dewatering.
  • Economical – operating costs are low because of the maintenance free design and the reduced energy requirement – made possible by the high volumetric efficiency along with a zero friction chamber.
  • Eco-friendly – no sealing or lubricating oil provides for no oil pollution or smoke.
  • Guaranteed – performance.

The revolutionary OVT priming system can easily be added to any Thompson centrifugal pump:

  • Available  4 inches to 18 inches.
  • Provide flows to 11,000 gallons per minute.
  • High heads to 350 feet.
  • Large solids handling capability – up to 4 inches.
  • Features the Enviroprime system.
  • Available as electric or diesel driven.
  • Available with Auto start/stop controls offer fuel savings.
  • Available with Silent Knight sound attenuation.