Columbus on tap for Ohio’s first SmartLane
Don McLoud | December 7, 2017

Overhead signs will direct drivers when the SmartLane, to be built on the left should or I-670 in Columbus, Ohio, will be open and closed to drivers. Photo: Ohio DOT

Interstate 670 in Columbus, Ohio, is slated to get a new SmartLane, with work beginning this summer, according to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

The ODOT says the additional lane, the result of rebuilding the left shoulder of the freeway, will relieve congestion between Fourth Street and Interstate 270.

Scheduled to be completed in Fall 2019, the lane will only be open during heavy traffic. The project is part of $58 million worth of interchange improvements for I-270/I-670. The SmartLane would be a first for Ohio. It will have overhead digital signs to alert drivers when the lane is opened or closed.


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