Case dealer modifies CX250C excavator for operator who lost hand
Wayne Grayson | April 28, 2013
Case KIME single joystick

The CX250C crawler excavator modified by Case dealer Dagenborg for KIME for use with a single joystick,

Now this is customer service.

A Case Construction equipment dealer from Tromso, Norway has modified a CX250C crawler excavator so that one of its best customers’ operators can return to work after an accident that took much of his right hand.

Contractor KIME Maskinentreprenor Kare Isaksen, which does pipe and underwater excavation, road and pavement construction, house building and recycling throughout Norway, approached its Case dealer of choice, Dagenborg Maskin with a special request. The company  asked if there was anything that could be done to allow one of its favorite operators, Thomas Rostad, to get back to work after his accident.

So Dagenborg got to work and spent hours upon hours modifying the CX250C so that Rostad could operate the machine through a single joystick. But with the touch of a monitor, the machine can be reeconfigured for use with two joysticks for other operators at the company.

“The Case CX250C is a very good machine,” says Rostad. “The Case hydraulics provide me with maximum sensitivity, which was a good start for me coming back to work.”

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