Power Tool Maker Bosch Gets Into Jobsite Management

imac, ipad and iphone displaying bosch product graphic
Bosch Digital Services helps facilitate lean construction’s “last planner” programs while the company’s Bluehound asset tags keep track of your tools.

Bosch, the company you know from their power tools and laser measurement technology, is getting into the digital jobsite management business with Bosch Digital Services.

Announced at the 2021 World of Concrete, the company’s RefinemySite and Bluehound aim to improve communication, coordination, planning and productivity on construction jobsites by documenting and communicating information such as lean construction workflows. 

To help contractors take advantage of lean construction, RefinemySite digitizes components of the last planner system to create and share visual information in real time onsite or with employees working remotely. The last planner system is a production planning and control process in the lean construction methodology designed to produce predictable workflows and rapid learning in the planning, design, construction and commissioning of projects.

Lost or misplaced tools can be a big drag on time and efficiency. To help solve that problem, Bosch Bluehound uses Bluetooth tags and a cloud-based platform to gather data on tagged equipment with minimal manual intervention. The digital asset management tags give you asset location history, operational status, deliveries, maintenance records and documentation. This information is then readily accessible to workers, superintendents, auditors and construction executives.