Manitou launches new, consolidated parts brand for equipment

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boxes and other packaging for Manitou parts
New packaging with logo for new, consolidated Manitou Group Parts brand.

Manitou Group is combining its two parts brands into one to make it easier and simpler for customers to buy spare parts for the company’s earthmoving, material handling and aerial work platform equipment.

Now called Manitou Group Parts, the consolidation will allow the company to improve order preparation with the same packaging for all parts, it says. The parts are for the company’s three equipment brands: Manitou, Gehl and Mustang by Manitou. There will be one new all-encompassing logo for the parts, including the three brands in one color, on the packaging. Previously the company had two XPRT Genuine Parts brands, one for the Gehl and Mustang brands, and one for Manitou.

“Our goal is to improve the legibility of our brand,” says Valérie Mougin, customer experience project manager for spare parts.

The company will also use the consolidation to reduce its environmental impact.

“We redesigned the packages with our suppliers in order to limit our consumption of raw materials and reduce costs,” Mougin says. “We are using less ink on the boxes and less plastic for the packaging, and all of the boxes we use are certified 100% recyclable.”

The consolidation follows Manitou Group’s efforts to streamline the overall company. Manitou announced its new five-year business plan in January, which involved combining its material handling, aerial and compact equipment into the Products Division.

The Manitou Group Parts brand will encompass all of the company’s 500,000 parts references listed in its catalog, the company says. “Nearly 200 employees are working to prepare more than 9,000 package lines shipped every day from nine logistics centers in France, Italy, Russia, USA, Brazil, Singapore, India and South Africa.”