These 20 contractors rate best in paying subs, suppliers on time

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Updated Jul 2, 2020

Jobsite Shutterstock 331590353A new award has named 20 large construction contractors that pay their subs and suppliers on time with no hassles.

The award is the creation of Levelset, an online service to help construction businesses file mechanic’s liens. The Levelset website also allows subcontractors and suppliers to rate contractors on how responsive they are to paying their bills.

The 2020 Excellence in Managing Payments award recognizes contractors that have high payment reviews from subs and suppliers and have little to no payment issues on projects. Levelset said it analyzed 25,000 projects in 2020 by contractors on the ENR 400 list for the award.

These winning contractors have each worked on at least 10 jobs in the last six months with no mechanic’s lien claims on their projects, according to Levelset:

“Managing a draw schedule and executing payments to so many stakeholders across multiple jobs is like juggling fire,” says Levelset CEO Scott Wolfe. “These contractors represent the high watermark for excellent communication, collaboration and fairness in the industry. We believe they should be recognized and celebrated for these efforts.”

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