POLL: Which Presidential candidate would best run a construction company?

Updated Aug 13, 2015

Gridlock prevails in our federal government. The highway bill has been stuck in limbo for five years. There are shutdowns, filibusters, walkouts, unseen procedural trickeration. Spending and deficits are through the roof. If this were a construction company no work would ever get done.

What we need is a president who can get things done, and make it stick. Somebody with a good plan, leadership; somebody with strong principles, but enough charm to win over the other side.

You run or work in a construction business. You know how tough it is to get things moving and keep things moving, how to fix problems,  make a budget and spend money wisely. You’re just what America needs. So as you look at the current crop of presidential contenders, which one, in your mind, has this kind of ability? Who among them could run a construction company well? Vote in our poll below and we’ll tabulate the results next week.