Jobsite shootout erupts in Texas when foreman returns fire from disgruntled construction worker

Updated May 5, 2014
Apartment complex in Texas where a shootout erupted between a foreman and former worker.Apartment complex in Texas where a shootout erupted between a foreman and former worker.

Police in Austin, Texas say a man recently fired from a construction project returned to the jobsite Wednesday and opened fire, sparking a shootout that left both he and the site foreman injured.

The shooting occurred just before noon on Wednesday, according to a report from KXAN TV, and began when the disgruntled worker began firing a handgun at the site foreman. The foreman then drew his own gun and returned fire.

Apparently, this wasn’t the suspect’s first return to then jobsite after being fired. The foreman has a concealed handgun license and was given permission to have the gun at the jobsite after recent threats from the suspect caused him to file a police report.

A report from KVUE TV names the suspect as Jesus Delarca-Reyes and says he returned to the jobsite demanding money. When the foreman told him he had been paid in full and pulled out a cell phone to document Delarca-Reyes’ continued presence at the site, Delarca-Reyes slapped the phone from the foreman’s hand.

The foreman then pushed Delarca-Reyes who is then accused of shooting the foreman in the leg. The foreman then pulled his gun and shot the suspect in the stomach before other workers at the site restrained the suspect. The suspect is said to also have had a knife which he attempted to use on the workers as he was being restrained.

The foreman suffering a serious injury and the suspect suffering a potentially life-threatening injury.

Luckily no one else was caught in the crossfire during the incident. Work continued on the site just hours after the shooting.