Announcing the Equipment World 2014 Contractor of the Year finalists

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Updated Nov 26, 2013

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Equipment World editors have selected the 2014 Contractor of the Year finalists, which come from a broad cross section of geography and markets. Representatives from each of the 12 companies will be hosted at the Contractor of the Year event in Las Vegas March 7-10. The event includes an industry roundtable, awards banquet and VIP attendance at the Las Vegas NASCAR race on March 9th.

Here is our class of 2014, with a sampling of the client and vendor comments that lead to their selection:

Don Facciobene

Don Facciobene Inc.

Palm Bay, Florida

Annual revenues: $11 to $13 million

Markets: General and civil contracting

“The type of clients they work for require the utmost in safety, and Facciobene is very particular. They do not mess around with safety.”


Dwaine Doss

Doss Enterprises

Jane Lew, West Virginia

Annual revenues: $11 to $13 million

Markets: Oil and gas pad development, large water impoundments, compressor pad development, soil stabilization and trucking

“When I first knew him he had a backhoe and a small dozer, and now he’s probably got close to 100 pieces of equipment. He can get more out of a piece of equipment than anyone I’ve seen.”


Brian Winkler

Wm. Winkler

Spokane, Washington

Annual revenues: $14 to $15 million

Markets: Civil and concrete

“He’s a very focused, a former Seabee, and he just bleeds diesel. He’s ‘Dr. Construction,’ very knowledgeable. If I say anything more, you’d think I was on commission.”


Shawn and Kevin Guyer

Guyer Brothers

New Enterprise, Pennsylvania

Annual revenues: $5 to $7 million

Markets: Sewer and water line construction

“They are known as the premier contractor in the area. Employees from competitors sometimes call me wanting to know if I’ve heard of any positions they have open.”


Jeremy Hiltz

Jeremy Hiltz Excavating

Ashland, New Hampshire

Annual revenues: $8 to $10 million

Markets: Commercial site work, municipal utility, road building

“He has the mentality of a marine: get it done and don’t cut corners. People get frustrated when they see him at a pre-bid, because they know he does great work.”


Daniel Thiel and Steven Mueller

J & S General Contracting

Osceola, Wisconsin

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Annual revenues: $3 to $5 million

Markets: Commercial and residential site preparation, landscaping, flat work concrete

“They’re a first generation contracting firm that started from scratch and actually grew during the recession. They show there’s opportunity for new guys.”


Vern Larman

Larman Construction

Garland, Texas

Annual revenues: $3 to $5 million

Markets: Excavation, demolition, grading, hardscape development

“When he gets done with one of our pool jobs, his crews put a scripted “L” in the bottom of the hole where they’ve signed their work.”


Brad Phillips

Phillips Companies

Beavercreek, Ohio

Annual revenues: $11 to $13 million

Markets: Commercial, residential and airport site work, storm water, parking lots

“People will go to work for Phillips and it’s a career. Other contractors will have people that jump around a lot. He has guys that have been there for 20 years.”


Landon Floyd

Precision Pipeline

Cedar City, Utah

Annual revenues: $3 to $5 million

Markets: Pipeline, excavation, underground, boring

“I don’t even bid them out anymore. I just hire them on every project I use, even the small things. They make it impossible for you to go anywhere else.”


Brian K. Winot

Northeast Site Contractors

East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

Annual revenues: $5 to $7 million

Market: Commercial site development

“They have a great company structure. The supervisor is on the job everyday and it’s not unusual for you to see the owner, too. With other companies, you see the foreman and that’s it.”


James Tollestrup

Tollestrup Construction

Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Annual revenues: $14 to $15 million

Markets: Subdivisions, parking lots, roadwork

“It’s been wonderful working with them through the years. Even when there are hitches, they’ve been able to work through them. They are very high quality people.”

Douglas E. Thomas

Thomas Construction

Grove City, Pennsylvania

Annual revenues: $14 to $15 million

Markets: Underground utilities, excavation, site development

“He’s a straight shooter. If sees a better way to do things, it’s all about trying to save money for the owner, which is greatly appreciated.”