Construction crew rescues live deer from basement of house it’s building

Updated Nov 13, 2013

Construction crews find all kinds of things on, and often underneath, the jobsite. Suffice it to say, it’s not often that it gives them a fight on its way out of the ground.

But that’s exactly what happened when a crew composed of members from Tim Halbrook Builders and Steve Fischer Construction found a live, 9-point deer trapped in the basement of a house it was building in the town of Scott, Wisconsin, reported Green Bay TV station Fox 11 News.

“The deer was just going pretty crazy. At one time we thought it almost broke its leg,” Halbrook coordinator Tom Treml told Fox 11. “It was running so scared down in between some frame walls we had. It must have been so tired. Its rear legs, hind legs just got like rubber.”

The crew called the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources who tranquilized the buck before hoisting him out of the 9-foot hole on a makeshift gurney made of plywood.

The buck was marked with a red tag on its ear and the DNR urged any hunter who should kill the deer to contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture since the tranquilizer chemicals will remain in its system for up to a month.