Obama slashes review and approval times for infrastructure projects

Updated May 28, 2013

The White HouseAs he said he would do shortly after his infrastructure-heavy State of the Union address, President Barack Obama has signed a Presidential Memorandum with the goal of decreasing the review and approval times for major infrastructure projects, according to our sister site Better Roads.

Titled “Modernizing Federal Infrastructure Review and Permitting Regulations, Policies, and Procedures,” the memorandum, and the Obama administration’s entire focus on improving infrastructure in the U.S., is “intended to grow the economy, accelerate job creation and improve U.S. competitiveness through the nation’s infrastructure,” the Better Roads report reads.

Beyond the goal of decreasing project approval times, Obama notes his goals of “expanding innovative mitigation tools; developing more targeted and relevant environmental reviews; providing more public input opportunities; and improving collaboration with State, local and Tribal governments.”

The memo also lists best-management practices and the government offices and agencies, chiefly the Department of Transportation, that will be involved in the effort.