GM’s best-selling vehicle isn’t what you’d think (Hint: It’s a small Chinese van)

Updated Apr 18, 2013

Wuling SunshineAfter analyzing the new Polk vehicle registration data, Jalopnik happened upon a pretty surprising discovery: General Motors’ best-selling vehicle is not only not an American car or truck, it’s not a car or truck period.

It’s a van. A tiny, three-cylinder, rear-wheel drive Chinese van called Zhiguang, or â€śSunshine.” A van with 80 horsepower.

The Sunshine is the product of a joint venture with Chinese automaker Wuling and is the fourth most popular vehicle in the world, according to the Polk data, selling 768,870 units in 2012.

GM’s next most popular car is the Chevy Cruze. But at no. 8 in the world, the Cruze is outsold by the sunshine by 107,545 units.