$2.3 billion of 2014 Army budget goes to construction

shutterstock_55667677Army officials recently took time to discuss their military branch’s $129.7 billion portion of the federal budget for the 2014 fiscal year, beginning October 1st. It should come to no surprise that the vast majority of that money, 44 percent or $56.6 billion, will go to military personnel.

But about $2.3 billion is marked for “military construction, Army family housing and base realignment and closure,” according to the American Forces Press Service. That amount is about $1.2 billion less than was requested last year.

According to the report the funds will mainly be put toward the replacement of aging facilities. among other things, replacing aging facilities. Of the $2.3 billion, $750 million is “marked for training ranges, reserve readiness centers, and failing infrastructure replacement.”

President Barack Obama submitted his proposed budget to Congresss last week.