Where to make $100K a year

From high school to $15 million in ten years.From high school to $15 million in ten years.

With all the wenging and weeping about the job market, it’s worth pointing out again that if you’re willing to work hard and get your hands dirty you can soon be pulling down $100K per year.

We’ve reported on the jobs bonanza in the oil and gas industry before. In fact our 2011 Equipment World Contractor of the Year, Brian Force started working for the oil and gas drilling companies the day he left high school and had built up his own $15 million business by the time he was 30. And Brian’s company never sank a single drill shaft–they just did all the prep work and site work and road maintenance the drilliing companies didn’t want to do.

If you know someone who’s struggling to find a job, or someone who’s in college but racking up bills and no skills, send them a copy of our article. Like Brian said: “There’s plenty of opportunity in this country if you have the brass to go out there and grab it.”

That’s something they don’t teach in graduate school.


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