New products, technology headline Husqvarna event

The K3000 and DC1400 in action.The K3000 and DC1400 in action.


At a media event Tuesday, Husqvarna showcased their latest products, stressing the company’s commitment to innovation and developing new technology. Mark Michaels, product manager, said that while mature markets are contracting globally, Husqvarna has continued to expand in the construction market, and in North America, which provides 41 percent of the company’s construction business. “Husqvarna is showing double digit growth,” Michaels said. “We’ve had really good growth for the past three years.”

With current product development, Michaels said Husqvarna has been concentrating on emissions, dust management and transportability, all of which were key features of their newest products. Products shown at the event included the following:

K3000 Vac – Useful for cutting indoors or in confined areas, the vac minimizes the dust in sensitive locations.

AD 10 – Designed for use with DM 280 and DM 340 drill motors, the AD 10 is an automatic system that provides high efficiency core drilling while reducing operator fatigue.

DC 1400 – A wet/dry vac that can be used with the company’s PG 400 and PG 280 as well as hand grinders, the DC 1400 has automatic dust filter cleaning that prevents clogging.

Jim Davitz, product manager for diamond tools, also emphasized the company’s commitment to leadership in the diamond tool market and in producing innovations in blade technology. Husqvarna manufactured 5 million diamond segments for the U.S. market in 2011, and has launched a new diamond blade technology, Diagrip, which features a three-dimensional segmented diamond design. The new design reduces vibration while performing at speeds up to 30 percent higher than Husqvarna’s previous blades.