New Democrat Coalition to LaHood: Rebuilding, modernizing infrastructure a win-win

Members of the New Democrat Coalition met with U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood to discuss the group’s agenda for what it believes will improve U.S. infrastructure and strengthen manufacturing.

The “New Dems Critical Infrastructure and Manufacturing Task Force” – led by Rep. Rick Larsen (Washington-2), Rep. Laura Richardson (California-37) and Rep. Jason Altmire – are pushing an agenca that calls for passage of new highway bill and embracing innovative transportation financing partnerships and modernizing U.S. air, port and rail systems.

“Rebuilding and modernizing our nation’s roads, bridges and tunnels is a win-win for all Americans as it will create jobs today and help businesses and workers compete in the global marketplace for generations to come,” Reps. Larsen, Richardson and Altmire said in a written statement following the task force’s meeting with Congress. “Secretary LaHood’s commitment to helping businesses, people and goods move more efficiently is evident in communities across the country and it’s time to builo don his work for the safety and prosperity of al Americans.”

LaHood adds that investing in transportation will do more than put “tens of thousands of Americans to work on construction sites across the country, these projects will also lay a foundation for economic growth for years to come…we’re committed to working with our partners in Congress to ensure that America has the safest, most efficient transportation system in the world.”