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Equipment Maintenance-Management Software

By Tom Jackson

Unlike yellow iron, you just can’t fire up a piece of equipment management software at your local dealer and take it for a spin. The process of selecting the right software program for your fleet management program requires a lot of research – much of which you can do with your computer.

Below is a list of websites that can introduce you to the various aspects of these software programs. Click on whatever interests you. The links are live and will automatically take you to those websites. Happy hunting.


Home page:

Testimonials from users:

Demo – video:


Information on the complete range of Spectrum’s equipment software from equipment maintenance to scheduling to cost control:

Click on this link to view a two-minute video case study on how Baldwin Paving uses Spectrum’s Equipment Service System to track equipment and control expenses:

Follow this link to Dexter + Chaney’s home page where you can learn more about the full range of construction software they provide:


Home page:

Details on the Equipment360 program from service requests and parts inventory to warranty, inspections and mechanic time cards.


Home page:

Details on additional software for estimating, job cost accounting and project and business management:

Information about the company’s flagship StreetSmart software, which includes not only equipment management, but also modules on construction, materials and financial management: EW