Trimble Dimensions wrap up

An outdoor demo site gave contractors hands-on experience with GPS systems.

Back in February I attended my third Trimble Dimensions conference, held in Las Vegas at the Mirage complex. It’s taken me a while to finish the write up, but a full detailing can be found by clicking here.

The conference was well attended, on par with previous years, with some 2,400 contractors and surveyors participating and a healthy display of GPS, laser, total station and telematics gear and construction machinery. The conference has loads of workshops and high caliber speakers, but what drives most people to attend, I think, is the realization that this new world of equipment technology is changing so fast and has so much potential that you simply cannot afford to ignore it anymore or fall behind the learning curve.

As a journalist, I’m not in the business of endorsements, or insisting you go next year. But if you want to see what technology can do for you and your earthmoving business, read the seminars post and note some of the anecdotes such as the asphalt contractor who saved $1-million, the side-by-side roadbuilding test that cut fuel use by 46 percent, or the pipeline excavator who cut the time it took to do a job in half.

And don’t neglect to read what the former CEO of Harley Davidson said about building a great business.