Engine oil educational exhibit gets makeover

Chevron Delo has remodeled the interior of its rolling exhibit, a truck that offers education on the proper use of heavy-duty engine oils.

Workstations in the truck resemble tool chests and provide visitors with information on gear oils, transmission fluids, greases, coolants and engine oils. Other new displays include a diesel particulate filter cutaway, a portable coolant refractometer, a grease hologram and an interactive quiz area.

Three plasma screen video presentation areas offer visitors educational videos dealing with CJ-4 engine oil, 2007 and 2010 emission regulations, gas-to-liquid base oils and ultra-low-sulfur diesel fuel.

“A key aspect of leadership is being an educator,” said Nicole Fujishige, lubricants marketing manager for Chevron Products Company. “The Delo Truck and its newly enhanced interior is one of many ways we educate our customers, and the market in general, about issues that impact their business and products that can improve their bottom line.”

To see the Delo truck’s scheduled stops for the remainder of 2006, click here.