Equipment Roundup: Hyundai, Cummins electric excavator; New Ford Ranger first drive review; Honda unveils construction robot; Cat intros smallest rotary blasthole drill; Top 10 construction equipment videos

The Top 10 Construction Equipment Videos of 2018

With 2018 having drawn to a close, it’s time to take a look back at all the great construction and heavy equipment videos we’ve shared in the last year. These are ranked in order based on the number of clicks you, our dear readers (and watchers), provided. So join us as we take a look back by scrolling through the videos below.


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Cat intros the MD6200, its smallest rotary blasthole drill

Cat says its new MD6200 rotary blasthole drill is its most transportable model yet, packing a lot of versatility into a a small package.

Designed to perform rotary or DTH drilling in single- or multi-pass modes, the MD6200 is powered by a C18 engine. Cat says the drill has enough power to “meet the needs of any mine site.”

The machine can drill holes between 5 and 7.87 inches in diameter.


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Honda unveils autonomous construction robot, wants your input on what to do with it

The average OEM develops a new product in secret and then reveals it to you in the final version. But Honda is not average. They’ve developed a modular autonomous/robotic vehicle platform and put it out for all the world to see, experiment with—and develop applications for.

The Honda Autonomous Work Vehicle will debut at next month’s Consumer Electronics Show 2019, but it’s less of a consumer product than it is an invitation for other manufacturers to get creative.

Designed by Honda R&D Americas, the Autonomous Work Vehicle is based on Honda’s All-Terrain Vehicle 4WD chassis and features GPS- and sensor-based autonomy capable of guiding the unit in almost any environment. A rail-based accessory mount system and onboard power plugs open up almost limitless opportunities for work tools and attachments.


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First Drive Review: The 2019 Ford Ranger plays to win the game

A deep blue Florida sky, cool weather (hey, it was morning still) and a brand new 2019 Ford Ranger FX4 Lariat. Not a bad way to start the day in Cape Coral, Florida.

We had made the 500-mile drive from hurricane-battered Panama City in the Panhandle to this area of Florida where the canals might outnumber the streets. There are roughly 300 miles of canals here making it the city with the most navigable canals in the world.

And with all these canals come plenty of boats which requires plenty of pickups for towing. It was a natural fit for Ford which stopped here recently at the Cape Coral Outdoor Expo and Boat Show during its Ford Ranger Drive Tour.


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Hyundai, Cummins unveil jointly-developed electric mini excavator

Hyundai Construction Equipment and Cummins have announced that they are working together to develop electrified heavy equipment, and the two companies are showing off the early fruits of their labor in a battery-powered excavator.

The mini excavator, currently unnamed as it is intended strictly for testing, is powered by eight flexible battery modules created by Cummins. These BM4.4E modules are strung together to provide 35 kWh of total energy.

With a three-hour charge, the companies say, the excavator can work an eight-hour shift, doing so quietly and without any emissions.


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