ENGS Commercial Finance launches electronic signature for construction division

Marcia Doyle Headshot


ENGS Commercial Finance has added secure electronic signature (E-signature) documentation capabilities to its construction division, following similar implementations in the company’s transportation and industrial divisions. ENGS says the E-signature capabilities will provide “a fast and efficient way to complete the documentation process.”

In addition, the E-signature capabilities will increase overall security and compliance during the transaction process, says Jim Freund, executive vice president of ENGS.

In addition to having the ability to safely attach digitized, handwritten signatures to electronic documents,  E-signature capabilities will give users:

  • Mobile functionality, with customers able to sign the lease/loan documents anytime, anywhere.
  • Quicker funding, with documents received immediately after the E-signature is completed.
  • No overnight package expenses.
  • Security: Because E-signature verifies that all documents are completed correctly, there are no delays in funding due to documentation mistakes.
  • Every user is authenticated before e-signing and sending a document.