More electric-vehicle charging stations coming to N.J.

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Electric Charging StationNew Jersey drivers should soon see more electric-vehicle charging stations in the state.

The New Jersey Department of Transportation and Department of Environmental Protection have received $9.5 million in federal funding for grants to add the stations across the state. The money will also fund grants for providing electric power to tractor trailers that require climate control during shipments and for providing cleaner ferry engines, according to NJDOT.

The goal is to reduce pollutants that cause smog.

“Cars and light trucks account for about 30 percent of ozone-forming precursors in New Jersey’s air and ground-level ozone, known commonly as smog, and is our most persistent health-related air pollution problem,” said DEP Commissioner Bob Martin. “It is critical that we focus on reducing emissions from transportation to protect public health.”

The grants are expected to add up to 500 more charging stations in the state. A project begun last year has already placed 180 workplace electric-vehicle charging stations, according to NJDOT.

The truck refrigerant project is excepted to allow truckers to keep goods cool while reducing emissions, and the Marine Repower Program will reduce emissions from passenger ferries by engine refits.