Improvements planned for I-40 in N.C.

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Updated Nov 8, 2017

2225597297 47a462c395 ZRepaving 16 miles of Interstate 40 is scheduled to occur this winter near Interstate 40’s intersection with I-95 in Johnston County, North Carolina.

Penhall Co. of Los Angeles won the $10.2 million contract for the work, which also includes replacing the decks on 10 overpass bridges with more durable concrete, and sandblasting and painting four bridges.

Workers will use diamond grinding to smooth the existing concrete surface on I-40 and repair cracks and potholes with concrete, says the N.C. Department of Transportation. All work will be done outside of rush-hour times, and all work on ramps and loops at the I-40/I-95 interchange will be done at night, the NCDOT says.

Work is scheduled to begin after November 27 and be completed by July 1, 2019.

The NCDOT says it is one of six contracts totaling $38.8 million it has recently awarded.