I-80 SMART Corridor Project awarded Operational Efficiency Project of the Year

Updated Jun 13, 2017

1 80 Smartcorridor Parsons

The California Transportation Foundation has named the California Interstate 80 SMART Corridor Project as the Operational Efficiency Project of the Year, with tech engineering company Parsons, who supplied the intelligent transportation tech in the project, accepting the award.

“Intelligent Transportation Systems are an essential part of maximizing the capacity and efficiency of the nation’s roadways,” says Parsons Group President Michael Johnson, Parsons Group President. “It’s the first step in creating smart cities that are responsive to the needs of citizens for greater mobility.”

The I-80 SMART Corridor uses Parsons’ technology for incident management, adaptive ramp metering, system integration along the interstate and local roads and traffic information message signs. The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) began activating components of the system in July 2016.

Parsons reports the communications network “proactively manages traffic and shares information among transportation agencies and local jurisdictions.”

The project is jointly coordinated by Caltrans, the Federal Highway Administration, the Alameda County Transportation Commission, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority and the West Contra Costa Technical Advisory Committee.