Wisconsin DOT gets $103.2 million boost for 21 highway projects

Updated Apr 20, 2017

Screen Shot 2017 04 18 At 1 27 24 PmThe Wisconsin Department of Transportation is projecting an additional $38.2 million in revenue for the next two years, and will use these funds to add to $65 million in projects Gov. Scott Walker recently directed the agency to advance to fiscal year 2017.

The total will provide $103.2 million to be used for 21 projects WisDOT had not originally planned for in the 2017.

“Savings on the highway projects we planned for this year allows us to do more projects with existing funds,” says WisDOT Secretary Dave Ross. “This June, WisDOT will fund 21 additional projects around the state.”

The department reports more competitive bids on projects and lower fuel prices have helped to provide savings on road projects.

“Improving more roadways and bridges now, before inflation reduces purchasing power, and taking advantage of the savings will help preserve our assets and maintain infrastructure,” WisDOT says.

“We are also generating more revenue for transportation without raising the gas tax or registration fees,” Ross adds.

The increased revenue for fiscal year 2017 is $12,969,800, with projected additional revenue for 2017-19 forecast at $25,225,400.

“The redirected let savings and increased revenue forecasts are great news for the state,” said Governor Walker. “We’ll do more projects and bond $44.8 million less than planned.”