Bridge Construction Simulator for iPhone/iPad puts your engineering skill to the test

bridge construction simulatorHere’s a little something for all you bridge engineers and wannabes out there. Put your engineering skills to the test with the new Bridge Construction Simulator 3D a Real City Building Physics Sim app for iPhones and iPads that was just released on June 10.

According to the app’s description on iTunes, the simulator app allows users to design and construct increasingly elaborate bridges capable of supporting vehicles of different weights.

Game features include the following:

  • Multiple levels across four different worlds
  • Realistic graphics
  • Varied and detailed environments
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Varying difficulty levels (easy, normal, and hard) for increased challenge or more relaxed gameplay
  • Built-in hint system

Difficulty levels increase as the user progresses from a city setting to a canyon, a valley and, finally, to the mountains, and the size and resiliency of each bridge structure will have to increase substantially. But don’t worry, even if the bridge fails and the vehicle falls, it still looks spectacular.

The Bridge Construction Simulator app is available for download here.