Nebraska Department of Roads releases $839 million FY 2016 Surface Transportation Program

Updated Jul 10, 2015


The Nebraska Department of Roads’ (NDOR) Fiscal Year 2016 Surface Transportation Program will provide for $505 million for the State Highway System program and $334 million for the Local System Program, as announced July 7.

The State Highway System funds will provide for 110 new projects, with $495 million of the total for construction and $10 million for planning and research. State highway cash funds account for $197 million, federal funds will supply $226 million and $19 million will come from federal earmark and local funds. The Build Nebraska Act will supply $63 million.

The Local System Program funding includes $258 million from the State Highway Trust Fund, $39 million from federal funds, $22 million from the federal funds purchase program, $11 million from the Build Nebraska Act, and $4 million from LB 610A state funds.

Major projects during the fiscal year, which began July 1 and continues through June 30, 2016, include:

  • 11.6 miles of roadway widening, asphalt resurfacing and bridge repair east of Farnam on N-23 in Frontier County
  • 10.6 miles of roadway widening, asphalt resurfacing and bridge repair on N-11 north of Burwell in Garfield County
  • 11.5 miles of concrete resurfacing of U.S 30 in Keith County
  • Concrete reconstruction of U.S. 30 and N-14 in Central City in Merrick County
  • 4.2 miles of asphalt resurfacing in Central City
  • A new interchange southeast of Nebraska City
  • 4-lane expressway between Plattsmouth and Bellevue
  • 4-lane expressway on U.S. 30 between Schuyler and Rogers
  • 4-lane reconstruction of the Heartland Expressway south of Alliance
  • 9.2 miles of concrete pavement replacement on Interstate 80 between Lodgepole and Chappell in Cheyenne and Deuel Counties
  • 7.8 miles of replacement on I-80 west of the South Platte River in Deuel County