Earth Auger from General Equipment Co.

The 240 hole digger from General Equipment Company features the construction industry™s first use of four-stroke engine technology on a one-man, handheld hole-digging product. The 240 is just one model in General Equipment™s complete line of portable hole digging equipment designed for use in lawn and garden, homeowner and light construction digging projects.


A 1.6-horsepower Subaru EH035 four-stroke gasoline engine supplies the power to the 240 hole digger. The engine™s four-stroke technology is far more fuel efficient than a two-stroke system, and it complies with all applicable emission control regulations. The four-stroke engine also eliminates the need for premixed fuel and oil solutions, effectively removing any worries of engine damage caused by improper mixing techniques.


A Magura twist grip throttle controls the engine speed for optimal power output. This same throttle has been utilized and field proven for 20 years on General Equipment two-man diggers. Using a highly efficient spur gear transmission, the 240 produces a maximum drilling torque of 55 foot-pounds for improved digging performance.


 The 240™s all-metal centrifugal clutch slips upon overload or when the auger makes direct contact with a buried obstruction. Proper operating position is promoted by the exclusive Comfort Zone handle design, which is intended to minimize the effects of kickback and fatigue. The operator™s enhanced ability to control the 240 increases productivity while helping to ensure jobsite safety.


The industry standard 1-inch diameter driveshaft connection accommodates the use of earth augers ranging from 2 to 8 inches in diameter. The standard digging depth is 30 inches, which can be increased with an available 15-inch, non-flighted extension.


In business for more than 50 years, General Equipment Co. is a family-owned manufacturer of earth augers, ventilation blowers, asphalt cutters and surface preparation equipment. For more information, contact General Equipment Company, 620 Alexander Drive S.W., Owatonna, MN 55060, call 507-451-5510 or 800-533-0524, fax 507-451-5511 or 877-344-4375(DIGGER5), or visit the Web site at