savaSava-Solexperts Inflatable Packers are designed for any number of applications in boreholes or water wells. They are used whenever a borehole or well is sealed while at the same time allowing controlled access to the isolated borehole section. The main areas of application for Sava-Solexperts Inflatable Packers are:

Hydrogeological investigations:

Hydraulic testing and monitoring of defined borehole sections to estimate the hydraulic parameters (steady-state hydraulic head, transmissivity, permeability, storability, etc.) of geological formations or engineered barriers.

  • Hydrological characterization of waste disposal sites, hazardous waste sites and hydraulic barriers
  • Hydrological assesments for the planning and construction of bridges, dams and tunnels
  • Optimization of groundwater monitoring and water wells

Civil and underground engineering:


Borehole or borehole section sealing to enable pressure and depth-oriented grouting or injecting for consolidation and waterproofing.

  •  Injections for slope and underground stabilization
  • Grouting for foundations, tunnels and galleries
  • Sealing of water producing boreholes


  • high working pressures
  • large inflation diameters
  • wide mandrel diameters

For more information please contact Jim Jaeger at Savatech Corp at 888-436-9778 or visit

Always striving for high quality and innovations, we are now presenting a completely new and inventive high pressure packer design. With this latest improvement we want to fully establish ourselves as a manufacturer of top quality solutions.

New SAVA-SOLEXPERTS RING packers are available in two different designs : with and without replaceable sleeve. All metal parts on both designs are made from stainless steel. Sleeve itself is produced from high quality rubber compound reinforced with three layers of steel and Kevlar cord. Special steel RINGS are integrated into the rubber sleeve making even higher pressures and even bigger diameters possible. All packers are available as single-, double- and multi-packer systems. Each packer part is individually available. Custom made packers are available upon request.


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