Kenco introduces:THE SLAB CRAB

backhoeSC-(2)*          The Slab Crab makes removal of concrete slabs and bridge decks a one-man job!  The contractor simply saw cuts the concrete into manageable slabs and picks them up. They can then be loaded directly onto the truck bed. A single operator can remove slabs cleanly, without disturbing sub-base, in record time.

*          Slab Crab models can accommodate slabs ranging from 4” to 20” thickness.  This bucket is available for excavators from 5,000 pounds to 150,000 pounds, and models are also available to fit skid steer and backhoe machines.

*          The efficiency of the Slab Crab Concrete Removal Bucket saves the contractor               money by reducing labor costs, debris and clean-up costs and material expenses.

*          The Slab Crab is available as a direct pin-on or to accept the Kenco WedgeBolt Coupler System.  

Kenco furnishes attachments for excavators from mini to 200,000 pounds, wheel loaders from 1 to 40 yards, dozers, and skid steer machines. See them all at: