Invention Resource International. The Safety Sign

stopsighnSAN BERNARDINO, CA—The Safety Sign is a battery-powered lighted, handheld Stop/Slow reversible sign to be used by crossing guards, highway-crew flagmen, traffic control officers and others who control traffic.  The intent of the Safety Sign is to be more visible and thus more effective than the traditional signs or flags used in traffic control situations. It is fabricated of lightweight sheet metal and injection molded ABS thermoplastic and features a bright red reflective paint to catch motorists’ attention. The octagonal shape is reversible and bears the word STOP on one side and SLOW on the other. A hollow gripping handle extends from the base and contains the rechargeable battery pack and has the on/off switch on the exterior. The bright anti-glare bulbs meet fog light requirements will flash or strobe intermittently. The Safety Sign will be available in various sizes from a hand-held size to standard street size for increased visibility.

           The Safety Sign was invented by Richard Villa of San Bernardino, CA.  He said, “This unique sign provides an increased visual of standard signs or flags used in directing traffic, thus making it safer for the “flag-person” and those being protected.”

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