Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association releases roundtable proceedings

The Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association (CSDA) has released proceedings from three roundtable discussions held during the CSDA 2010 Convention and Tech Fair.

“Roundtables continue to be a fantastic format for people to share knowledge and learn from the experiences of others,” said CSDA Executive Director Pat O’Brien in a written statement from the organization. “The three roundtables held at this year’s convention covered very timely subjects of much interest to the large number of contractors who attended,” he added.

The three topics included Identity Theft, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) for Today’s Contractor and Applications of Automation in the Concrete Cutting Industry. The proceedings from these roundtables have been transcribed and are now available to download through the “Members” section of the CSDA Website, while an excerpt from one of the sessions is available to all via the home page.

With identity theft being the fastest growing crime in the world, it is vital that people start thinking about what they ― as both individuals and as business owners ― need to be doing to protect their identities and those of their employees and clients.

During this roundtable, attendees gave examples of how they have been affected by identity theft while others provided tips and ideas to help prevent it. Raising awareness and educating people about identity theft through a format like this roundtable can often be more effective than written communication, as attendees hear accounts directly from their peers about their own experiences.

GPR is a growing entity in the concrete sawing and drilling industry, and the addition of this particular service can have a positive impact on a concrete cutting company, the organization asserts.

A cutting contractor can offer this extra service to potential clients and ultimately increase the company’s bottom line. Participants offered views and opinions on issues such as the liability involved with concrete scanning, what methods contractors use to sell scanning services and the challenges GPR scanners have faced in the field.

The advancement of automation in the concrete cutting industry continues to offer contractors added value. Using automated equipment allows the operator to focus more on the technical aspects of cutting than on their own physical exertion. Attendees of the roundtable on this topic talked about what types of automated systems they use, or have considered using, gave examples of how automation has made their companies more competitive; and traded ideas about what types of automation would be helpful but are not commercially available yet.

The release of these proceedings allows others to benefit from the wisdom shared, and any member can take advantage of the information provided to improve their businesses.

Roundtable discussions are available on the CSDA Website. A excerpt from one of the roundtables is available by clicking here.

For more information, contact the CSDA office at 727-577-5004 or email