PB-Hybrid-PatcherFresno, California…PB Loader has introduced the first Hybrid Pothole Patcher designed for asphalt road repairs. The unit was developed in conjunction with International Truck & Engine and Eaton Hybrid Power Systems. The PB Hybrid Patcher features an electric hybrid generator and battery system that improves fuel economy and reduces harmful emissions.

Conventional pothole patchers utilize a truck chassis engine to operate the patching equipment. The truck engine is left idling at job sites during patching operations. With the PB Hybrid Patcher, the engine is shut-off at the job site and the patching equipment runs off the hybrid battery. Fuel consumption can be reduced 30% to 60% with less engine idle time and improved fuel economy.

PB Patchers are fully equipped so you can tackle patching jobs with just one man and one machine. All PB Patchers feature an insulated and heated asphalt box that keeps asphalt hot and usable all day. PB Patchers let you repair potholes, road shoulders and utility cuts all day and provide highway and street departments with a single machine solution for year-round patching. PB Patchers are available in truck mounted, trailer mounted, hook-up and slip-in models.

PB Loader Corporation began operations in 1956 with the invention of the pothole patcher and emulsion systems for use in asphalt patching. Today the company offers a full line of Asphalt Patchers, Truck Mounted Loaders, Emulsion Sprayers and Dump Bodies. PB Loader distributes its products through a network of dealers in the United States and throughout the world.

For more information, contact PB Loader Corporation, 5778 W. Barstow Ave., Fresno, CA 93722. Call 800-350-8521 or visit www.pblcorp.com