Arkansas Senator puts horse before cart

Wait a minute. Is this the voice of reason I hear.

“I very much would prefer that we do a highway bill, we do it for five years and we get people into jobs and moving and we get the economy (going) with the assurance that (funding) is going to be there,” Lincoln told reporters after speaking at a conference sponsored by the Arkansas Asphalt Pavement Association.

“The problem is, we rarely do it when it’s time to be done,” Lincoln said. “It should have been done earlier. … Instead of buckling down and making it happen, we postpone it two months.”

The issue should be addressed when Congress reconvenes later this month, she said.

That is the voice of Senator Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas in a story running in the Arkansas News. She’s had her critics and her poll numbers must frighten her. But sometimes just reeling off some common sense can make one look very professional.