Tensar releases advanced polymer cement slurry surfacing products

Tensar International is rolling out a line of new products to address specific needs of pavement surfaces in several areas.

Tensar has been working since 2009 to develop Endurablend Systems, a family of advanced polymer cement slurry surfacing (PCSS) products that provide a flexible yet durable barrier over asphalt and concrete pavements. By addressing specific pavement needs before the onset of serious damage, Endurablend Systems can extend service life and defer more expensive remedies.

New products, which include Endurablend Deckset, Endurablend Crackfill and Endurablend Preserve, have been newly formulated to combat common surfacing problems experienced by roadway, airport and bridge deck pavements and to enhance crack filling and color surfacing applications.

“Industry consensus finds that every dollar invested in pavement preservation yields six to 10 times that value in extended service life,” said Nicholas Reck, director of technology — Pavements with Tensar. “This concept is also true for maintenance and rehabilitation using new Tensar Endurablend products. Pavement surfacing solutions like Endurablend Systems minimize traffic disruption, restore surface quality and optimize pavement performance at the lowest possible cost.”

Endurablend Preserve
New Jersey-based Statewide Striping Corp. recently covered worn asphalt crosswalks with a terra cotta-tinted Endurablend Preserve surfacing for a public school in Jersey City.

“The asphalt walks featured only border striping prior to treatment,” said Bob Wilson, CFO of Statewide Striping Corp. “The installations took place in late fall 2010. The area was salted and plowed numerous times over that winter, with the crosswalks remaining intact.”

Endurablend Preserve is applied cold to provide a safe and quick installation and is also highly flowable to ensure ease of penetration into cracks, voids and surface irregularities. The surfacing offers abrasion resistance to traffic, protects the substrate from exposure to fuels due to its low air voids, is effectively resistant to freeze/thaw cycles and resistant to de-icing salts.

Its 1/8th inch application is thermally compatible with asphalt and concrete, ensuring short and long-term bond with the substrate in the event of extreme thermal activity – unlike epoxies or thermal plastics.

Endurablend Preserve offers 12 standard colors for surface application, which can be customized to match specific requirements or blend with an existing pavement. Because the pigment is integrated within the dry product prior to mixing at the job site, surface color treatments are more uniform across the job, wear better and last longer. Light colors make a big difference to surface temperatures and the surrounding air temperature. With this in mind, Endurablend Preserve also offers colors that can create ‘cool pavements’ that deliver significant environmental benefits.

Endurablend DecksetTM
Endurablend Deckset
, which seals, protects and extends service life of bridge deck asphalt and concrete pavement surfaces, was recently used on a project in Saddle River, New Jersey to enhance the skid resistance on the 70-ft. long East Allendale Bridge. County officials chose Endurablend Systems since the 1/8th inch thick product would add surface durability, add minimal weight to the structure, look similar to the existing concrete surface and provide a quick installation.

Several features make Endurablend Deckset ideal for airport and bridge deck pavement surfaces. Endurablend products create an excellent bond to asphalt and concrete surfaces, encapsulating the existing surface to build resistance to further deterioration.

Low permeability, another key feature, allows Endurablend products to better protect against corrosion from fuels, deicing agents, and other chemicals when compared to bituminous surface treatments.

Endurablend Crackfill
Endurablend Crackfill has been engineered to provide a unique alternative to traditional crack seal products beneath overlays or surface treatments. It expands as it cures to ensure effective sealing with minimal shrinkage or evaporation like other fill products.

Endurablend Crackfill features higher compressive strength than other fill products to resist rutting and remain consistent throughout all seasons and its service life. If the crack is compressed, Endurablend Crackfill will not bulge upward to diminish ride quality.

The Reno-Stead Airport is a 5,000-acre, two-runway general aviation airport. Extreme shrinking, cracking and raveling on the aprons were so severe that deterioration was visible from satellite images.

The asphalt aprons were successfully treated with cold-mix Endurablend Systems in July 2010. The polymer cement slurry rapidly filled and sealed cracks, providing effective UV protection, minimized surface oxidation, reduced temperature gain, prevented contamination of the subgrade and restored needed skid resistance to the paved surfaces. The 270,000-sq.-ft. project was successfully completed in two and a half days.