Nebraska expects big increase in highway projects next year

Nebraska Gov. Heinemann.Nebraska Gov. Heinemann.

If you live Nebraska, prepare for an increase in highway construction next year. During 2014, a total of 107 highway improvement projects took place. That number is expected to increase by 40 percent during 2015, with at least 150 planned projects.

The increase in highway projects for 2015 was announced by Governor Dave Heineman and Nebraska Department of Roads Director Randy Peters.

“A safe and quality surface transportation system is a priority. Improvement projects over the past year, as well as those we are working on for next year and beyond, are a part of our ongoing efforts to provide a safe, efficient and reliable transportation network throughout Nebraska,” Gov. Heinemann said. “The hundreds of construction and maintenance projects planned, designed and built by our Department of Roads each year are important to the future of this state.”

Although 2015 is expected to see a big increase in highway projects, 2014 can’t be considered a down-year. During the past calendar year, the Nebraska Department of Roads contracted 18 more projects than it did in 2013.

“We are already getting ready for new and continuing projects that will be underway in the spring. A safe and quality surface transportation system continues to be our priority,” Department of Roads Director Randy Peters said.