Natural Gas for High Horsepower (HHP) Summit 2013

HHP_SummitHHP_SummitRegistration is now open for the Natural Gas for High Horsepower (HHP) Summit 2013, a North American conference on the power and potential of natural gas fuel for marine, rail, E&P, mining, earthmoving, and off-pipeline industrial applications.

Early bird registration for HHP Summit 2013 is available through April 30.

Scheduled for Sept. 17-19 in Chicago, HHP Summit 2013 will provide an opportunity to learn from companies that are using LNG to save 30 to 50 percent in fuel costs and significantly reduce emissions.

The following announcements, related to LNG, have recently taken place:

  • HHP Summit 2013 sponsor and exhibitor Shell announced plans to build two natural gas liquefaction plants in Geismer, Louisiana and Sarnia, Canada that will provide LNG to a growing base of customers in the marine, E&P, and heavy-duty truck sectors.
  • The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad announced it is pursuing a pilot project to explore the technical and economic viability of LNG as a locomotive fuel. The company plans to test a small number of locomotives later this year.
  • The race to adopt LNG as a cost savings and emission reduction measure in transportation is opening a new front in the global competition between GE and Caterpillar, two of the world’s leading high horsepower engine providers.
  •  Chart Industries boasted record earnings in the last quarter of 2012—up 38 percent from their Q4 2011 sales due to the steep rise in global demand for LNG fueling equipment.

Details on HHP Summit 2013 sponsors, speakers and exhibitors will be announced soon. For more information, visit